Holding structure

Corporate strategy

  • Multitype integrated development of residential real estate in the Chelyabinsk region.


  • Authorized share capital estimated at 500 mln rub;
  • Civil construction – 396,000 square metres of residential real estate in the launching stage (Parkoviy district) with the planned earnings 13,3 billion rubles;
  • 800,000 square metres of residential property in the stage of concept and design development.

Market specialization

  • Integrated territory development of the apartment block:
    • Development of the large-scale residential construction with united conception and attendant commercial property;
    • High level of engineering and building services;
    • Infrastructure for comfortable dwelling: kindergartens, schools, shopping and recreation areas.
  • Property formation platform in the Chelyabinsk region:
    • Market leader creation on the basis of Greenflight by means of synergy in the process of projects consolidation, fusion and merging.
  • Non-core operations outsourcing:
    • Focusing only on business development, other services outsourcing according to the market conditions between consolidated companies (technical supervision, turnkey contracts and realtor services).
  • Marketing strategy
    • Independent brand creation for each neighborhoods in the frames of Greenflight overhead umbrella brand;
    • Competitive advantage realization by means of partner cooperation with the Civil Construction and Mortgage Real Estate Agency, partner banks, Real-estate investment funds.


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