Holding structure

Buk Finans (Book-keeping Company – Finance) is a company that specializes on accounting, consulting and administrative services to the firms.

Key services provided by the company

  • accounting sphere (implementation of accounting control, practical help in drawing up of primary registration documents and contracts; conducting of synthetic accounting; preparation and delivery of all accountability in funds and inspections);
  • lending and bank service (registration of payment documents, subsequent receiving of account statements, registration of documents on crediting and currency contracts; operations and contracts maintenance in rub and currency; financial transactions (monitoring and control); interests representation according to transactions, including securities, monetary tools and credit market, etc.; credit portfolio formation and analysis; monitoring and risk management etc.);
  • taxation (taxes planning, tax calendars compiling, records tax management, tax administration; tax optimization; tax support of contracts; tax support of separate operations, etc.);
  • complex financial and economical analysis (operative, selective and complex analysis of economical activity (use of business assets, manpower, cost price, material and technical supply, production and products realization, organizational technological level)) as well as financial and investment analysis (operative, selective and complex balance sheet analysis; profit analysis, financial performance, capital turnover; cash flow; break-evens, etc.);
  • formulation and conducting of management accounting, intercompany budgeting (planning, income and expenses control, money receipt balance, analysis of predicted financial performances for the operative administrative decision adoption, development of resources’ limits and profitability or efficiency standards on different types of goods, carrying out actions directed on investment level increase, capital structure optimization (assets) etc.);
  • development of transformation methodology account on RAS according to the international standards, software development. IFRS record-keeping.

Business support on the highest level by the Buk Finans specialists.

Work strategy

Professional competence. All the employees have the postsecondary economic education and sufficient practical experience. Employees systematically increase qualification and improve knowledge and skills. It allows solving the most knotty problems and finding the best decisions in any situations.

Quality and reliability. High level of service rendering. The chiefs are ready to create all conditions for effective work of the company and provide complete service (outsourcing) and ensuring activity of firm on different directions. Buk Finans not only solves the current accounting, administrative, personnel questions of the company, but also reveals possible tax, financial and legal risks and helps in preventing. During the work are used only license software products.

Work efficiency, actions and decision-making timeliness.

Individual and responsible approach to each client. Buk Finans considers each company specifics and activity sphere. On this basis they create an optimal development strategy for any kind of business and convenient work.


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