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The Governor visited Parkoviy

Mikhail Yurevich, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region, examined the buildings under construction, visited the demonstration studio apartments and discussed further plans of the district infrastructure development with the management of the Southern Urals Civil Construction and Mortgage Corporation.

Upon arrival at the Parkoviy district the Governor visited two-room demonstration studio apartment in one of the new houses. All the potential buyers are also brought there. Mikhail Yurevich said right after the visit that if he was a student he would be glad about such profitable offer. “For such money when a person doesn’t need to worry about cost-based repair, the offer is very good. I remember when I was a student we worked as the plasterers during the practice period and constantly noticed that panels in the houses were curved or slanted. Since then the quality of panels and construction in a whole became much better” – he noted.

After that the Governor, the Head of Chelyabinsk Administration and the management of the Southern Urals Civil Construction and Mortgage Corporation went to the observation deck for further discussions. There they could see the whole district in a full scale. The Governor mentioned that the year target are Krasnopolskiy project construction, roads and kindergartens building. He also mentioned that some panel factories redesigned their panels. In all new houses the elevators will leave from the zero floors. It means that people don't have to overcome several steps on the way to the elevator. This decision was made in favor of disabled people and mothers with prams. And the building license will be issued only on the assumption of the use of such panels. It is planned that in Parkoviy will be put into operation about 300,000 square metres of real estate during this year that creates a new large-scale microdistrict. Mikhail Yurevich says that soon there will be built new schools and shops.

Source:  http://gubernator74.ru/news/gubernator-posetil-mikroraion-%C2%ABparkovyi%C2%BB-v-chelyabinske

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