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The Social Mortgage started in the Southern Urals

On 18 June the Fund for Housing Mortgage Lending Assistance (abbr.: AFHML) started a new program that is directed on living conditions improvement for the Chelyabinsk region residents.

The new “Social mortgage” Program is aimed at the state employees, large, lone-parent, foster families, families with adopted, disabled children and at the newlyweds. For these citizens 10 % of the real estate cost forms for account of AFHML.

All the region citizens can take advantage of this new program. Program participants are the leading regional mortgage operator and largest developer – the Southern Urals Civil Construction and Mortgage Corporation, Parkoviy developer – Greenflight, the partner banks. The whole list can be found on AFHML official site – www.cijk.ru.

AFHML legal and postal address
1304 a, 159 Kirova Street, Chelyabinsk-CITY Business Center, Chelyabinsk, 454091, Russia, T/F: +7 (351) 779-32-13.

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